Monday, January 28, 2013


Non so a voi ma a me gli abiti scultura tridimensionali piacciono davvero tanto, non saranno del tutto comodi, ma belli da guardare sicuramente. Ecco una carrellata di collezioni degli stilisti ( per qualche strana ragione tutti provenienti dal nord Europa o dall'Asia) che  negli ultimi anni hanno maggiormente contribuito  a far nascere il filone della moda 3d che ha tanti estimatori nel modo come dimostrano le numerose board nate in poco tempo su Pinterest. 

I don't know what you think about the three-dimensional sculpture dresses but I really like them, they won't be completely comfortable but certainly beautiful. Here's a rundown of designer collections ( for some easons all from North Europe or Asia) which in recent years have contributed most to give birth to the trend of fashion 3d wich has many admirers as we can see by the great number of board born in a little time on Pinterest.

Issey Miyake 132.5 line

Guo Pei




  1. I think they are absolutely spectacular. For me they are what blurs the lines between art and fashion and propels style even further!

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  3. This is not only a minor bit of work. This is beyond all that. This is greatness.


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