Thursday, August 31, 2017


Villa Rufolo in Ravello hosts a little exhibition by Francesco Clemente with a special installation on the topic of migration.
“Standing, sitting, kneeling, one paints with the body.
Every time we say ‘I’ we build a wall.
Every time we build a wall we offend the earth, we violate the earth, digging the foundations of the wall, of the house.
Maybe to say ‘I’ is a ‘natural’ error, it is arbitrary.
Why long for roots when we can travel? Why protect ourselves when we were called here to protect the world?
To paint a tenti s a way to offer these questions and these thoughts. But isn’t thought itself the primary wall? The trickiest wall of all? It would be better to be without a thought, it would be better to be like the painted cotton of the tent: porous, light, mutable. Our ties, the ties anchoring the tent to the ground, are impermanent. The tent is also a sail. In Italian a small typo is enough to change walls (muri) to seas (mari). I wish for the tent-sail to take us alla way from here.
I wish for beauty to take us alla way from here. But who knows? Could beauty be a wall too?” Francesco Clemente

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Una bottiglia di plastica in mare o una rete da pesca dismessa possono avere due destini: distruggere l'ecosistema dell'Oceano oppure trasformarsi in un oggetto di moda.
Il mio articolo su Ladyblitz:

H&M Conscious Exclusive 2017

H&M Conscious Exclusive 2017

Raw for the Oceans-G-Star Raw

Verdura Shoes

Monday, August 28, 2017


There are many faces of Ibiza style: Boho, Mediterranean, artisan, sophisticated… The colour that best represents the cool and clean style of Mediterranean is white. In Ibiza it’s virtually a tradition to wear white in the Adlib stye, the island’s iconic fashion since the early ‘70s. Undoubtedly, the Adlib was inspired on the hippies. Yet this style also shows the clear influence of the underclothes typically worn by the women of the countryside in the fields. Pieces that are known for the cool and confortable feel of their natural fabrics, as well as for their artisan finishes, with lovely and exclusive embroideries, crochet work and trim. The Adlib fashion still shows its free spirit, and its designs continue to amaze us each season, with new lines and models that adapt to the times, while always remaining faithful to their roots.
Jumpsuit:Wardrobe of dreams- Necklace:Satalaya Ibiza - Bracelet: Indie Ibiza - Sunglasses: Wooda 
Dress: Fioroni Collection- Boots: Sabah - Ring: Sons of the Sun - Hat: Emonk

Dress:Khala Ibiza

Skirt: Nica Conica - Shirt: Wardrobe of dreams- Bracelet: Made with Love in  Ibiza - Sandals Emonk

Thursday, August 24, 2017


 In the late '30s, Ibiza received its first wave of intellectuals and artists who were fleeing from a grey and tense inter-war Europe. Many travellers came to the island, in search of a new horizon for their lives. here they found a paradise where they could live in harmony with the local island people..
The bohemian circles of the Paris of first era may well been the main promoters of the good atmosphere and the freedom that people lived and breathed in Ibiza; this might explain why the majority of the island's first visitors were French. That atmosphere of freedom- unheard of in the rest of Spain-, the geographic location, the climate, the sea, the untouched land and low cost of living made Ibiza and Fomenter an ideal refuge for arists and bohemians, and later on, for the hippies. In '60s and '70s, the pellets roamed freely through the small towns in the north of the island, mixing in with the local people, who were surprised by their way of dressing, their long hair, their music and their way of viewing and living life. For the hippies, Ibiza was a paradise where they were not judged for having a philosophy on life that diverged from traditional minutes. The way they dressed was also their means of expression, their way of showing the rest of the world their independence and their rejection of the establishment and the official norms of the era. Since then, Ibiza has been and continues to be like a muse for an artist, where trendsetters, designers and fashion lovers find their source of inspiration.

Dress: Vintage de Anne

Blouse: Black Mambo - Skirt: Vintage de Anne

Veronique Dresses

Left: Dress by Flor de Vida - Right: Azul Clothes
Sunglasses by Wooda, Jumpsuit by Wardrobe of Dreams, bracelet Silke, earrings Oraik

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Every time I came to Ibiza I wonder how it is possible that around such a beautiful, ancient and evocative center like Eivissa, they have built huge and horrible buildings that have ruined this amazing landscape. Eivissa is divided into two main parts: the old town, called the Dalt Vila (literally "Upper Town"), located on a little mountain by the sea, and the (horrible) modern part, called the Eixample ("extension").
In the old town there are a large selection of small boutiques, high fashion stores, small and charming restaurants, a great selection of bars and, of course, nightclubs that have made of the island's nightlife the most attractive part for tourism.

Monday, August 21, 2017


For a different night, you must go to Las Dalias Hippy Market: every Saturday all year long, in Sant Carles de Peralta-Ibiza, and during the summer you can catch the Las Dalias Night Market every Monday evening.
 With its hundreds of colourful stalls, characters and live performances, here you can find from the simplest things as fine-haired Kafkian,  classic total-white clothing, hats, necklaces, shells, Ibiza salt, cowboy boots, someone reads the hand, who does the henna, someone else makes ayurvedic massages and you can listen some good live concert. (Amazing the carousel built with recycled materials).
 Las Dalias is not only a place to get a drink, to shop, to eat and to dance. Here you can find the traditional bohemian spirit of Ibiza well preserved despite there are a lot of tourists.
The fashion of Las Dalias comes from the soul, the spirit and the passion for creativity of each of the market's designers and artisans.

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