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ITALIANA Italy Through the Lens of Fashion 1971 - 2001 is an exhibition  that celebrates the Italian fashion system over the seminal three decades in which it cemented relations and exchanges between the members of a generation of designers, industrialists, artists, architects and intellectuals that defined Italy’s image in the world and put it on the map of international culture.
Italiana is an adjective, used here as a noun to indicate the complex set of traits, styles and atmospheres that define Italian culture in all its forms and expressions. The subtitle Italy through the Lens of Fashion—which in Italian, L’Italia vista dalla moda (literally “Italy as Seen from Fashion”), evokes “The Earth as Seen from the Moon,” Pier Paolo Pasolini’s episode of the film The Witches (1967)—presents fashion as the point of view privileged by the narration and asserts the need to take a new critical approach. The long period 1971-2001 was the one in which the processes of challenge to the global balances so laboriously put in place after the Second World War were made manifest. The date on which it begins symbolically marks the break with high fashion and the beginning of the period of Italian ready-to-wear: it was the year in which Walter Albini chose Milan for the first show of the line that bore his name, and it was the year in which the women’s liberation movement emerged in Italy. The date on which it ends is emblematic and marks the transition between two centuries: Italian fashion sloughed its skin and finally became a global phenomenon. It was also the year of the attacks of 9/11, traumatic sign of radical and definitive crisis in an international system already shaken by the geopolitical changes of the nineties. Italiana sets out to tell at one and the same time the stories of all the players who have shaped the image of Italian fashion: the protagonists of the period of the industrial production of quality clothing are compared with the system centered on the fashion designer that emerged and triumphed over the course of the eighties, before moving on to those names and brands that in the nineties found themselves operating in an international panorama defined by the trajectories of a global economy of styles, between glocalist aspirations and actions dictated by the multinationals of luxury and the new figure of the creative director. Italiana: Italy through the Lens of Fashion, 1971-2001 takes the form of a journey through Italian fashion and reveals its nature as a polycentric phenomenon, able to draw on a whole range of expertise and intelligence. The exhibition explores a multiplicity of objects and visions and tells a fascinating story of fashion over the three crucial decades that saw it define itself in symbiotic relationship with the social, political and cultural history of our country. Rather than following a chronological order, this journey explores a galaxy of themes in an attempt to present the most significant expressions and defining qualities of Italian fashion, delving into the realms of design, art, photography and publishing. A landscape of creativity springing from an open-ended research that responds to the stimuli of the time, always at work in fashion.
From Feb.22th to May 6th 2018
 Palazzo Reale, Milano
 Piazza Duomo 12

Giorgio Armani 1990 
Gianfranco Ferrè 1989
Coats by Laura Biagiotti, Bag by Fendi
Photo:Oliviero Toscani for Vogue Italia 1971

Gucci suit
 photo:Paolo Rovers for Vogue Italia 2001

Moschino F/W1993

Romeo Gigli 1990


Photo:Oliviero Toscani
Vogue Italia 1972

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Il mio articolo sulle collezioni per il prossimo inverno presentate durante la settimana della moda milanese appena conclusa su Ladyblitz:

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MFW F/W 2018-19 #2

From February 21th to February 25th at the Milan Fashion Week take place the collection's shows for next winter, my selection of the last days here below:

Alberto Zambelli

Antonio Marras

Au Jour le Jour



Christian Pellizzari

Daizy Shelly


Elisabetta Franchi

Emporio Armani

Ermanno Scervino


Francesca Liberatore


Giorgio Armani

Jil Sander

John Richmond


Laura Biagiotti

Marco De Vincenzo



Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

Roberto Cavalli

Salvatore Ferragamo


Stella Jean




Piccione Piccione


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