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The early 1990s saw a continuation of late 1980s fashion: excess, baroque, frills, gold, women wore denim button down shirts, leggings, drainpipe jeans, colored tights, bike shorts, and tartan skirts. Popular accessories included court shoes, cowboy boots, headscarves, leggings, and penny loafers.
In the late 1990s, saw a return to the minimalist fashion contrasted to the more elaborate and flashy trends of the 1980s. Additionally, fashion trends throughout the decade recycled styles from previous decades, notably the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.
Throughout the 1990s, supermodels dominated the fashion industry. The top models of the 1990s were Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova, Nadja Auermann, Christy Turlington, Kate Moss, Carla Bruni Helena Christensen, Claudia Schiffer, Karen Mulder, Nad├Ęge, Yasmeen Ghauri, Stephanie Seymour, Carolyn Murphy, Amber Valletta, Shalom Harlow.
Fashion shows for Chanel and Versace were the most spectacular.

Linda Evangelista for Chanel

Claudia Shiffer for Chanel

Helena Christensen for Chanel

Karen Mulder for Versace

Linda Evangelista for Chanel

Claudia Shiffer for Chanel

Christy Turlington for Geoffrey Beene

Carla Bruni for Sonia Rykiel

Yasmeen Ghauri for Armani

Claudia Shiffer for Valentino

Cindy Crawford for Versace

Claudia Shiffer for Versace

Karen Mulder


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Lillian Bassman was born in 1917 and grew up in Brooklyn and Greenwich Village, New York, and studied at the Textile High School in Manhattan and graduated in 1933. She worked as a textile designer and fashion illustrator before working at Harper's Bazaar and ultimately becoming a photographer.
From the 1940s until the 1960s Bassman worked as a fashion photographer for Junior Bazaar and later at Harper's Bazaar where she promoted the careers of photographers such as Richard Avedon, Robert Frank, Louis Faurer and Arnold Newman.
Under the guidance of the Russian emigrant, Alexey Brodovitch, she began to photograph her model subjects primarily in black and white. Her work was published for the most part in Harper’s Bazaar from 1950 to 1965. By the 1970s Bassman’s interest in pure form in her fashion photography was out of vogue. She turned to her own photo projects and abandoned fashion photography. In doing so she tossed out 40 years of negatives and prints - her life’s work. A forgotten bag filled with hundreds of images was discovered over 20 years later. Bassman’s fashion photographic work began to be re-appreciated in the 1990s.
Bassman's fashion images are unique, and acheieve their effect through manipulation in the dark room. She worked with digital technology and abstract color photography into her 90s to create a new series of work. She used Photoshop for her image manipulation. The most notable qualities about her photographic work are the high contrasts between light and dark, the graininess of the finished photos, and the geometric placement and camera angles of the subjects.
Bassman became one of the last great woman photographers in the world of fashion. She died on 2012.

Chanel advertising campaign 1958

Elizabeth, 1997

Carmen having tea 1950

Harper's Bazaar 1951

Harper's Bazaar 1954

Harper's Bazaar 1950

Lingerie by Lily of France 1955

Night Bloom-Annalise Seubert in Chanel Haute Couture-New York Time magazine 1996

New York Time magazine 1997

Vogue, July 1956

Lillian Bassman

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“All fashions are charming, or rather relatively charming, each one being a new striving, more or less well conceived, after beauty, an approximate statement of an ideal, the desire for which constantly teases the unsatisfied human mind.” - Charles Baudelaire

                                                                             photo:Carlo William Rossi from Spaziocentoundici

 Late 60's organza with dots dress, snake sandals by Gianvito Rossi
Abito in organza a pois anni fine anni '60, sandali di pitone Gianvito Rossi

Valentino S/S 2015

Giambattista Valli S/S 2015
Blumarine S/S 2015

Francesco Scognamiglio S/S 2015
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Monday, September 22, 2014


CLOSET CASTLE di Annapaola Brancia d'Apricena

Renewed findings from the coffer of a castle

Late 60's organza with dots dress
Abito in organza a pois fine anni '60
Philippe Venet 1972

photo:Tim Walker-dress:Valentino

photo:Tim Walker-dress:Valentino


Catherine Deneuve

Jean Shrimpton

Keira Knightley

Friday, September 19, 2014


Yesterday evening- opening of a young designer's boutique: Chiara Baschieri
in Vicolo Orto di Napoli 7-Rome…if you're in Rome visit it!

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