Monday, September 22, 2014


CLOSET CASTLE di Annapaola Brancia d'Apricena

Renewed findings from the coffer of a castle

60's organza with dots dress
Abito in organza a pois anni '60
Philippe Venet 1972

photo:Tim Walker-dress:Valentino

photo:Tim Walker-dress:Valentino


Catherine Deneuve

Jean Shrimpton

Keira Knightley

Friday, September 19, 2014


Yesterday evening- opening of a young designer's boutique: Chiara Baschieri
in Vicolo Orto di Napoli 7-Rome…if you're in Rome visit it!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


NEW OPENING yesterdy, September 16 in Largo Cristina di Svezia 17 in Trastevere, Rome!
Three exhibitions: Gerold Miller, Melissa Kretschmer and Ettore Sottsass.
Giacomo Guidi opens the new gallery premises next to the Botanical Garden in the historical heart of Rome - an overall 1000 square meters space of which 500 will be dedicated to exhibitions.
The space, originally a typography and for ten years the studio of artist Sandro Chia, is a unique location in Rome, able to foster a more dynamic use of the gallery space. A place for contemporary creativity, where visual art will be in simultaneous dialogue with literature, music, photography, poetry, food, fashion, design and cinema.
 The vision of Giacomo Guidi is to conceive a place that may act as a new enzyme for a Roman renaissance. The premises are equipped with two large independent exhibition spaces, and a hybrid space for work, exhibition viewing and conviviality, a kitchen and two apartments – one is home to Giacomo Guidi himself and the second will serve as guesthouse.
 MOTELSALIERI will also be present inside the new premises with its activity and initiatives. The exhibition program will be articulated in three yearly opening events, each presenting two large exhibitions and a curatorial project.
The space aims to become a hub where students, art lovers, intellectuals, professionals, collectors and artists converge. In addition to the main exhibition activity, Giacomo Guidi intends to activate a calendar of events, talks, conferences, presentations, involving artists, curators, designers, architects, musicians, chefs and much more.

Gerold Miller

Gerold Miller

'What underlies Gerold Miller's work is, on the one hand, a fundamental refusal to create images, and on the other, a strategy for overcoming it. The pathetic sublime becomes aesthetic figuration. This applies to both the form and the content of the new work. Formally, in its pictorial emptiness, contentwise, in the intensity and wealth of the colour schemes, which mosty include stark contrasts, e.g. black and white, but also striking colour combination, such as red, blue, green and silver. The powerful effect of the objects is a product of the contrast between fullness and emptiness.'
Gerold Miller

Jacopo Quaranta Motelsalieri

Jacopo Quaranta Motelsalieri

Ettore Sottsass

Ettore Sottsass

In the translucent chromatic variety of these enamels, we can recognize the same extraordinary capacity of using colour as a basic element of design, that will be typical of the later subversive experiences of the Anti-Design movement and of the #Memphis collective by which Ettore Sottsass will distance himself from purely functionalist design. This exhibition gives the public a chance to discover a less known – but fascinating – aspect of the production of an artist who has been a protagonist and a great innovator in the culture of design in Italy and all over the world.
Ettore Sottsass

Melissa Kretschmer 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


William Klein was born in New York City in 1928. He's an American-born French photographer and filmmaker noted for his ironic approach to both media and his extensive use of unusual photographic techniques in the context of photojournalism and fashion photography.
 In 1948, Klein enrolled at the Sorbonne, and later studied with Fernand Léger. At the time, Klein was interested in abstract painting and sculpture. Klein experimented with kinetic art, and it was at an exhibition of his kinetic sculptures that he met Alexander Liberman, the art director for Vogue. He moved on to photography and achieved widespread fame as a fashion photographer for Vogue.
 He has directed feature-length fiction films, numerous short and feature-length documentaries and has produced over 250 television commercials. The world of fashion would become the subject for the first feature film Klein directed in 1966, Who Are You, Polly Maggoo?
He has described his work as "a crash course in what was not to be done in photography."
“I photograph what i see in front of me, I move in close to see better and use a wide-angle lens to get as much as possible in the frame.

"Who are you Polly Magoo?"-1966

"Who are you Polly Magoo?"-1966

"Who are you Polly Magoo?"-1966

"Who are you Polly Magoo?"-1966

Dorothy light-Paris 1962

Dorothy light-Paris 1962 
Simone and Sophia Loren-Rome Vogue1960

Smoke and veil-1958

Does lips- Paris 1956

André Courreges-1965

Veruschka- 1967

Monday, September 15, 2014


Reinhard Plank was born in 1970 Vipiteno, South Tyrol. He graduated in Industrial Design in 1998 from the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Spending some time studying abroad in Milan and Barcelona, he participated in many design projects and won the International Competition for Eye Glasses Fukui, Japan in 1996. After experimenting with recycled hats and reshaping them on his personal style, he designed his signature hat: IL CLASSICO. Due to his passion for making and designing hats, he moved to Tuscany in 2005 to approach the old and traditional art of making hats.  Reinhard Plank‘s designs are a mixture of classical lines with contemporary forms. His fast forward thinking compositions embody flexible and portable houses.
F/W 2014

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Marianna Cimini is a brand that blends a love for sharp silhouettes with the ease and functionality of sportswear.The designer, Marianna, grew up on the Amalfi Coast in Italy and later moved to Milan to attend the “Istituto Marangoni’, one of the top fashion and design schools in Europe.While in school, Marianna won the prestigious “Moda Italia” prize, a national competition for young fashion designers. As a result, she started interning for Max Mara, and was quickly promoted to Senior Fashion Designer. After 3 years at Max Mara, Marianna started working as Fashion Designer for Tod’s, where she was responsible for conceptualizing and launching a capsule collection for Fay Woman and for creating a special Jewelry collection.In 2012, Marianna launched her eponymous label during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Milan, which was met with critical acclaim. She was a finalist in the “Next Generation” fashion award competition, when featured her work. In the same year, she was also selected to participate in the Muuse for Vogue Talents competition for the Young Vision Awards.At its core, Marianna’s vision for her brand reflects a blend of rigor and play, demonstrated by the use of very traditional materials (like compact woven cotton) and very cutting-edge, technical fabrics. Colors, on the other hand, are sharp and powerful, creating bold and contrasting pairings, which Marianna sums up in what she calls “metropolitan graphics”.The brand, in its essence, draws its sensibility from a sense of effortless structure. A sense of affinity between new, sharp proportions and everyday easiness.


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