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Alice Archer grew up in the Surrey countryside before moving to London where she studied at St. Martins, followed by Goldsmiths College of Art. She completed an MA in textiles at the RCA in 2013. Immediately after graduating from the RCA, she moved to Antwerp to work as an embroidery designer for Dries van Noten. During her studies she worked frequently for Tracey Emin, producing her hand-embroidered art works. Alice’s ready-to-wear collections feature specialist techniques combining embroidery and print through the use of hand. digital and Irish machine embroidery. Her pieces are made in Como, Italy using only materials and manufacturers of exceptional quality.

FALL-WINTER  2017-18

Monday, December 11, 2017


How to make a toning and anti-cellulite oil:
 -Choose a carrier oil like Jojoba, Almond or Wheat Germ Oil if you have a very dry skin.
Small container or jar to mix the ingredients
- Add 10 drops of:
  Cypress essential oil:
Promotes vitality and energy, reduce the appearance of cellulite, which is the appearance of orange peel or cottage cheese skin on the legs, butt, stomach and back of the arms. This is often due to fluid retention, lack of circulation, weak collagen structure and increased body fat. Because cypress oil is a diuretic, it helps the body remove excess water and salt that can lead to fluid retention.
   Juniper essential oil:
It's considered a tonic, because it tones up everything, including the muscles, tissues, skin, and various other systems functioning inside the body. This tonic effect helps retain youth for a long time and maintains proper health for all your years.
   Lemon essential oil:
The rind of many citrus fruits – including lemon – contain high amounts of the organic compound limonene. Limonene has the ability to facilitate lipolysis – the breakdown of white adipose tissue, which is the type of fat the body stores for energy.
  Fennel essential oil:
It' s a high-antioxidant compound that holds antimicrobial characteristics. The analysis of the fennel essential oil showed that there are about 23 compounds with impressive amounts of total phenolic and bioflavonoid contents, this means fennel oil fights free radical damage.
   Black Pepper essential oil:
One of Black Pepper essential oil’s unique qualities is its ability to provide warm sensations when applied topically. This factor makes it a perfect oil to use in a relaxing massage blend.
-Add 3 drops of:
  Frankincense essential oil:
Frankincense has the ability to strengthen skin and improve its tone, elasticity, it helps tone and lift skin.
   Orange essential oil:
Orange essential oil is a tonic that refreshes and relaxes the body and mind and increases strength and vitality.
   Eucalyptus essential oil:
Massaging eucalyptus oil on the surface of the skin helps to relieve stress and pain. The volatile eucalyptus oil is analgesic and anti-inflammatory in nature.
   Sandalwood essential oil:
This special essential oil doesn’t just have an amazing scent, sandalwood can also have an effect on overall well-being and mental health, along with many other surprising healing properties.
Pour into a glass bottle and keep it at room temperature to use every night before sleeping with circular massage.
If you do not have time or you do not want to make a toning oil by yourself you can try Weleda Citrus Refreshing Body Oil that invigorates, enlivens and nourishes the skin. Softens rough patches and helps prevent moisture loss, leaving skin feeling smooth, refreshed and supple or Weleda Birch Extract This oil is a NATRUE-certified massage oil for cellulite using precious plant ingredients. Extracts from young birch leaves, rosemary and butcher’s broom (ruscus) were used historically for their abilities to help encourage the skin’s metabolic systems. They’re blended with active carrier oils, including vitamin-rich wheat germ and moisture-loving jojoba. Invigorating grapefruit and cypress oils for fragrance – everything in this oil is here for a purpose. And it works. Both with nourishing plant oils and soothing essential oils.
You can also try Somatoline Lift Effect firming body oil: This care is rich of vitamin E and it contains a concentrate actives ingredients and essential oils, firming and toning (Vitis Vinifera seed oil, Jojoba oil, prunus persicv kernel oil, Avocado oil, Argan oil).It reactivates the micro-circulation and decongest thus the cutaneous tissues of liquids in excess while redensifying and firming the cutaneous tissues for a skin more elastic and more toned skin. Or Somatoline use&go slimming spray oil:A concentrate of active ingredients aimed at slimming and elasticizing action, with 9 essential oils.

Thursday, December 7, 2017


Since launching in 2002, Art Basel has become North America’s premier art fair, so expect amazing contemporary paintings, films and videos, sculptures, drawings, photography, digital art and installations from more than 4,000 artists.
Now in its 16th year, the prominent North American art fair showcases hundreds of galleries inside the Miami Beach Convention Center.
Gagosian Gallery partecipates in Art Basel Miami Beach 2017 from Dec 7th to 10th presenting a selection of works by modern and contemporary artists including: Richard Artschwager, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Cecily Brown, Glenn Brown, John Chamberlain, Dan Colen, John Currin, Urs Fischer, Sam Francis, Helen Frankenthaler, Katharina Grosse, Mark Grotjahn, Andreas Gursky, Damien Hirst, Alex Israel, Neil Jenney, Jasper Johns, Jeff Koons, Harmony Korine, Roy Lichtenstein, Brice Marden, Adam McEwen, Takashi Murakami, Albert Oehlen, Pablo Picasso, Richard Prince, Sterling Ruby, Ed Ruscha, Jenny Saville, Frank Stella, Rudolf Stingel, Mark Tansey, Robert Therrien, Cy Twombly, Andy Warhol, Mary Weatherford, Tom Wesselmann, and Christopher Wool.
Tom Wesselmann is considered one of the major artists of New York Pop Art, along with Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. Best known for his 1960s series “Great American Nude,” which featured flat figures in an intense palette of red, white, blue, and other patriotic colors, Wesselmann, in an effort to reject Abstract Expressionism, made collages and assemblages that incorporated everyday objects and advertising ephemera.

John Chamberlain is best known for his twisting sculptures made from scrap metal and banged up, discarded automobile parts and other industrial detritus. His work has been described as a kind of three-dimensional Abstract Expressionist painting.

A second-generation Abstract Expressionist painter, Helen Frankenthaler became active in the New York School of the 1950s, initially influenced by artists like Arshile Gorky, Willem de Kooning, and Jackson Pollock. She gained fame with her invention of the color-stain technique—applying thin washes of paint to unprimed canvas—in her iconic Mountains and Sea (1952).

Katharina Grosse’s large and colorful installations explore how abstract painting functions in a three-dimensional field. The installations take her work on canvas out of the studio into a larger context in which she can isolate certain specific concerns.Grosse believes that incorporating painting with its immediate environment forms a total system of light and color that painting in two dimensions neglects.

Robert Therrien's work references Pop and Conceptual art, Marcel Duchamp, childhood experiences, cartoons, and American design. Primarily known as a sculptor, he has also worked in painting, drawing, printmaking, and photography. By forcing the viewer to adjust his relationship to familiar objects, Therrien pushes his works toward the status of classical Greek sculpture.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Pratico e di tendenza, torna il marsupio. Il mio articolo e la mia selezione su Ladyblitz:

Gucci F/W 2017-18

1:Fanty Puma by Rihanna $242 - 2:Prada €1300 - 3:Gucci €1490 - 4:Prada €1500 - 5:Invicta €19.90 - 6:Miu Miu €690 - 7:Prada €990 - 8:Adidas €14.95 - 9:Puma €17 - 10:Zara €29.95 - 11:Zara €39.95 - 12:MSGM €335 - 13:Moschino €430 - 14:Asos €43.24 - 15:Closed €170

1:Gucci €980 - 2:Invicta €21 - 3:Saint Laurent €695 - 4:Gucci €1490 - 5:Asos €101 - 6:Saint Laurent €650 - 7:Gucci €850 - 8:H&M €49.99 - 9:Adidas €24.95 - 10:Miu Miu €1100 - 11:Zara €19.95 - 12:Miu Miu €1200 - 13:Valentino €990 - 14:Moschino €550 - 15:Maison Margiela €990

Native-American traditional dress

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Un paio di giorni fa un'amica con il braccio ingessato, mi chiedeva dove poteva trovare una bella cappa perché aveva difficoltà ad infilarsi il cappotto. Theodora Bak è stata senza dubbio la prima designer che mi è venuta in mente. La sua collezione parte infatti da questo capo che, dal medioevo, fino all'età vittoriana e nei primi del '900 con Paul Poiret ha avuto i momenti di massimo splendore. La cappa è un capo semplice, versatile, che ti riporta ad atmosfere teatrali. Infatti la collezione di  Maria Federica Bachiddu, in arte Theodora Bak, si sviluppa su un'idea del "costume" declinando poi i capi ad una portabilità quotidiana semplificata. I colori sono basici, poche sfumature essenziali,  gorgiere e clergy rivisitati sono l'anima distintiva di questa collezione per l'Inverno 2017/18.  Non solo cappe quindi, ma una collezione completa, dalle linee essenziali e rigorose ma con elementi insoliti rivisitati in chiave glamour, tutto questo rende un outfit di Theodora Bak assolutamente unico.

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The story of Moda Adlib has its roots in the traditional garments of Ibiza’s local population. Hence, straw hats, espadrilles and women’s shawls all stake claims to the style’s inspiration. In 1971, the first Ibiza Fashion Week was the backdrop against which droves of recently-arrived hippies, channeling the inherent delicacy of naturally coarse artisan materials, went wild for traditional island wear. The multiculturalism of an island that teemed with artists and globetrotting visitors filtered into homegrown fashion and traditional island apparel, the latter becoming ever lighter and shapeshifting to absorb newly emerging trends…eventually creating a space for Moda Adlib. For more than 45 summers, Pasarela Adlib has won over locals, tourists and travellers from all corners of the globe with its fusion of hippie chic, its respect for natural curves and—crucially—its wearability. The whole lot is distilled into one timeless style under the banner “wear what you want, but do it with style”.

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The Andalusian typical costume, the flamenco dress, traje de gitana or traje de faralaes is the central piece in flamenco fashion. Frills, flounces, ruffles, volants, transparencies and polka dots.. designers are inspired by flamenco dresses and we dance at rhythm of new flamenco.


Blugirl -Ermanno Scervino-Giambattista Valli-Giambattista Valli

Francesco Scognamiglio - Blugirl - Giambattista Valli - Jacquemus
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The traje de flamenca (flamenco dress) usually is trimmed with layers of ruffles on both the skirt and sleeves. The dress is typically brightly colored, usually in black, red or and may be either plain or patterned, with the most famous being the polka dotted traje de lunares. They come in a variety of colors, plain or patterned, with short or long sleeves, and more or fewer ruffles. This folkloric outfit has inspired numerous fashion designers, among them Victorio & Lucchino, who have their own line of trajes de flamenca. Others who have been influenced include Yves Saint Laurent, John Galliano, Valentino Garavani, and Tom Ford.

CLOSET CASTLE di Annapaola Brancia d'Apricena

Late 60's organza polka-dots dress

Yves Saint Laurent
Jane shrimpton by Guy Bourdin, 1966

Angelica Huston by Richard Alvedon, Vogue 1970

Jeanne Lanvin
Catherine Deneuve by David Bailey, 1968

Patty Pravo, 1970

Andalusian dress

Andalusian dresses
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Pierre Cardin, il cuturier "futurista" celebra i suoi 70 anni di attività con un'antologia ricca di immagini e contenuti. Il mio articolo su Ladyblitz:

Occhiali e collane in vinile Collezione Autunno 1970 © Archives Pierre Cardin

Haute Couture Fall 1969 © Archives Pierre Cardin

Abito Cocktail con seni conici-1966 © Archives Pierre Cardin

Abito Cocktail in lana, 1975 © Archives Pierre Cardin

Kinetic dress in lana, 1970 © Archives Pierre Cardin

Abito in seta plissè e balze, 1991 @Laziz Hamani

Impermeabile in vinile-1990 © Archives Pierre Cardin

Cappotto senza maniche in lana double-face, 1992 © Archives Pierre Cardin

Espace Chair, legno laccato, 1972 © Archives Pierre Cardin

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