Sunday, December 11, 2011

The last sixty years in Italy seen by Ansa photographers

 Girls looking at horses competiton Roma 1947

Oggi sono stata al Vittoriano di Piazza Venezia a Roma a vedere "Fotografandoci" una mostra degli scatti degli ultimi 60 anni in Italia, custoditi negli archivi dell'ansa la prima agenzia giornalistica italiana. Ho pensato bene di farvi vedere solo le foto di costume, vi risparmio quelle di cronaca che comunque potete vedere qua .

Today I've been to the Vittoriano in Piazza Venezia in Rome to see " Fotografandoci" a photo exhibition with pictures mede by the photagraphers of Ansa, the first news agency in Italy. I will show here only the picture regarding costumes and dress of different years but if you want  to see the others about column you can go here.

 Model poses in front of castle Sant' Angelo, Roma 1949
 Tyrone Power and Lina Christina walking in Rome 1948
 The best for me: dukes of Windsor on vacation in Rapallo 1953 look how modern and eccentric they are!

Gianni Agnelli with Hedy Lamarr in Villa Borghese Rome 1954
 One of the first television host 1954
 Sophia Loren poses for photographers in Rome 1956

Richard Nixon vice president Usa  launching the coin in Trevi fountain, Rome together with her wife 1954
Brigitte Bardot in Cortina 1958
 Gina Lollobrigida on Lambretta together with rock Hudson on the set of  "Torna a Settembre" 1961

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