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William Klein was born in New York City in 1928. He's an American-born French photographer and filmmaker noted for his ironic approach to both media and his extensive use of unusual photographic techniques in the context of photojournalism and fashion photography.
 In 1948, Klein enrolled at the Sorbonne, and later studied with Fernand Léger. At the time, Klein was interested in abstract painting and sculpture. Klein experimented with kinetic art, and it was at an exhibition of his kinetic sculptures that he met Alexander Liberman, the art director for Vogue. He moved on to photography and achieved widespread fame as a fashion photographer for Vogue.
 He has directed feature-length fiction films, numerous short and feature-length documentaries and has produced over 250 television commercials. The world of fashion would become the subject for the first feature film Klein directed in 1966, Who Are You, Polly Maggoo?
He has described his work as "a crash course in what was not to be done in photography."
“I photograph what i see in front of me, I move in close to see better and use a wide-angle lens to get as much as possible in the frame.

"Who are you Polly Magoo?"-1966

"Who are you Polly Magoo?"-1966

"Who are you Polly Magoo?"-1966

"Who are you Polly Magoo?"-1966

Dorothy light-Paris 1962

Dorothy light-Paris 1962 
Simone and Sophia Loren-Rome Vogue1960

Smoke and veil-1958

Does lips- Paris 1956

André Courreges-1965

Veruschka- 1967

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