Monday, June 25, 2018


The first coworking center was founded in San Francisco in 2005  with the idea to combine the independence of freelancing with the structure and community of a shared work space. Since then, coworking centers have spread all over the world, and a major factor that drives demand for coworking is the growing part of independent workers. Roman designers and creatives share their space in the heart of the historic center of the capital, in via dei Funari, an area that has historically hosted artisans, with names of nearby streets like Via delle Botteghe Oscure (“The Street of the Dark Workshops”) and Via dei Falegnami (“The Street of Carpenters”). This is where Manifactory is born, a new gallery of contemporary art, craftsmanship and design, conceived by Cristiana Del Bello and Paolo Molaioni, with the aim of promoting and developing small and medium-sized craft companies and emerging designers, both Italian and International. In this space young creatives have the opportunity to create, exhibit, and sell their products in an environment among designers, for interaction and sharing.
Today 25 June at 7pm, "Fashion Street" a circular moving fashion catwalk, starting from Via dei Funari 21A along the streets of the area, up to the ruins of the Portico d'Ottavia and then returning to the gallery by turning around the magnificent Tartarughe fountain in Piazza Mattei. The models will wear the creations of emerging designers, high quality tailor made clothes and accessories and will walk side by side with a musician. Then the show will become an installation inside the gallery, where it will be possible to observe closely the details of clothes and accessories, bijoux, bags, swimwear, hand-painted tshirts, ceramics and more.
 Brands taking part to the catwalk: Alwine’s art (jewels) AreYouReady di Federico Bortolotti (t-shirts) BABAYAGA (swimwear) Barbara Iacobucci (ceremony attires) Dario De Maria (womenswear) Demis Marin (menswear ) Elisa Catini (winter’s womenswear) Made in carcere (bags and accessories) Maison 51 (bags) Maura&Carla (womenswear) Melilli Factory di Eugenio Vazzano (womenswear) MNMUR (accessories) RZL di Francesca Rizzello (womenswear) SUEF (jewels and accessories) UGUALIMAI di Cristiana del Bello (jewels and accessories). Also on display are the works of the painter Olga Volha Piashko and Massimo Ripa, a goldsmith craftsman and jewelry designer. To highlight its activity Manifactory organizes events every month in collaboration with the artisans and designers present in the gallery, attracting both an Italian and International audience.

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