Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Despite the prevalence on the catwalk of street style inspired especially to the 90s, the fashion of the 70s continues to be an era that is revived time and time again on the 21st century catwalk. If you're lucky enough to find a silk dress from that era, do not miss it, you can be sure to wear it over and over again during this new era. Try playing with accessories, matching vintage shoes or rather an ultra-contemporary bag. Everything is admit in this century.
                                                                                                 photo:Marco Rambaldi

Silk early 70's dress, fuchsia silk vintage clutch bag, vintage sandals, 70's sunglasses by Rochas
                                                                                                   photo:Marco Rambaldi
                                                                                                   photo ass:Paolo De Matteo
                                                                                                   photo ass:Pier Francesco Lanzillo
                                                                                                   make up:Daniela Celati
Andrew Gn  -  Alice+Olivia

Anna Sui  -  Temperley London

Les Copains  - Blumarine
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