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The major ingredient of this ancient natural colour is iron oxide-hydroxide, known as limonite, which gives it its yellow colour. The hue belongs to a family of earth pigments, it ranges in colour from yellow to deep orange or brown. Ochre is a family of earth pigments, which includes yellow ochre, red ochre, purple ochre, sienna, and umber. From the Red Indians to the Romans, to modern day trendsetters, Ochre has enduring appeal. Ochre was used in decorative palette of the Romans, as well as Medieval Church painters. The Aboriginals have painted with Ochres for over 40 000 years and the Red Indians took their name from the Red Ochre they painted themselves with.

CLOSET CASTLE di Annapaola Brancia d'Apricena

Late 70's ocher silk blouse
Maudie James in John Bates for Jean Varon
photo by David Bailey for Vogue, 1967
Twiggy 1967
Photo by David Bailey 1968
Pierre Cardin 1968
Marianne Faithfull

Courrèges for Jours de France, August 1976
Ochre in Sixties fashion
Jarry Hall  -  Laure Hutton

Sharon Tate

Pat Cleveland for Halston 1970s
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