Tuesday, January 8, 2019


Tulle socks and not only, adorned with details of flowers and rhinestones by Larika Matoshi.
A Kosovo native, Lirika was raised in Pristina and was always drawn to creativity. Growing up with her fashion designer sister, Teuta Matoshi Duriqi, Lirika’s passion was sparked at an early age. Under her sister, Lirika immersed herself into the world of fashion and learned the craft of designing captivating silhouettes. In 2016, Lirika moved to New York city with the knowledge she gained from her sister’s business and launched her eponymous brand Lirika Matoshi at the age of 20. Based in the heart of the fashion district, Lirika expanded the line to include apparel and accessories. Using internationally sourced fabrics and exquisite design techniques created a captivating brand. Lirika Matoshi is inspiring, romantic and effortless. The feminine, yet contemporary designs of our womenswear brand define a sense of sophistication and provides them with a prominent presence wherever they go.

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