Wednesday, July 10, 2019


Showcase is a project created by ICE – the Agency for the internationalization and promotion of Italian businesses abroad – and Altaroma to put Italian brands in contact with potential buyers, journalists and Italian and foreign fashion professionals. Altaroma has always paid particular attention to new fashion talents, offering them support to launch and develop their own businesses. Altaroma intends to pursue this objective by giving emerging stylists/brands the opportunity to enter the market and gain visibility, also from a commercial point of view. The mission of ICE is to support, promote and give international visibility to made-in-Italy production through the development of small and medium enterprises. The Showcase event has been created to promote B2B meetings between designers and buyers. 20 different Italian designers/brands  presented their entirely made-in-Italy collections, for a total of 60 designers over the 3 days during Altaroma.

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