Thursday, April 30, 2020


I confess, from the first episode of 'Making the cut' (the Fashion Contest television series created and presented by Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn for Prime Video), I cheered for Esther. The money prize it was one million dollars to invest into their brand and the winner may be able to publish their own fashion brand on Amazon. . The final took place on April 24th, Esther has reached the final but the winner was the talented Californian designer: Jonny Cota. The season finale of Making the Cut, leaves the last two designers to present a business pitch to the President of Amazon Fashion and showcase a final twelve to fourteen look collection. I think what Amazon Fashion and the judges wanted was some color,  people probably want more variety, and the all-black universe by Ester is her identity, but maybe it is also her limit. However, I loved her collections and especially the search for details in her clothes and accessories, the gold jewellery are amazing.
  Esther Perbandt was born and bred in Berlin, toughened up in Moscow and polished in Paris, and she perfectly mixes the style of these three metropolises in her collections. The creations by Esther Perbandt express a strong sense of personality, autonomy, intersectionality, and individuality. The exciting juxtaposition of uniforms and, at the same time, strong non-binary personalities. Her pieces are unique and full of character, captivating, deconstructed silhouettes combined with classical tailoring details. She metaphorically portrays rainbows in black by applying different materials, haptics, layers and shades. To her, black is colorful, it’s magical, elegant, and graceful. (Black supports retreat and distinction, it gathers light and keeps the heat.) Esther launched her eponymous brand 15 years ago. The brand is more than fashion – it is a part of the essence of the Berlin Lifestyle.
Next time I go to Berlin I absolutely have to visit her store in Almstadtstra├če 3.


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