Thursday, April 9, 2020


In the morning I hydrate my skin and in the evening I nourish it, but during the day if I feel the need to refresh my skin I do a 'pit stop' and I spray Jowaé moisturizing water on my face. With antioxidant Lumiphenols & Sakura Flower Water All skin types, even the most sensitive. 88% of ingredients of natural origin Hydrates, plumps and quenches thirst. The Lumiphenols are originated from sempervivum tectorum, a plant capable of resisting the most extreme conditions. Their high level of antioxidants helps skin to regain balance and protect itself against daily aggressions. The skin is hydrated and plumped. Rebalanced, it regains its comfort and softness. The complexion is fresh and bright. Immediately afterI apply the Jowaé light moisturizer with antioxidant Lumiphenols and Sakura flower water for normal and combination skin. It combines Lumiphenols with sakura flower water, a beauty water with refreshing proprieties. Skin is moisturised, plumped and balanced. The complexion is fresh and glowing.
In this way my skin is fresh and hydrated all day long.

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