Monday, August 30, 2021


Last weekend, on the occasion of High Fashion Dolce & Gabbana presented in Venice, the Italian fashion duo will present the Genesi Collection, a selection of nine NFT pieces - non-fungible token identification code - produced in collaboration with UNXD, a reality which deals with developing new frontiers of luxury and digital culture. Five creations from the Genesi Collection - respectively two suits, a male suit and two tiaras - correspond to as many physical versions designed by Dolce & Gabbana, subsequently transposed into digital so that they can be used in the metaverse - "a virtual environment where one can be present with other people in digital spaces ".
With its first high-end collection of NFTs, Dolce&Gabbana transfers its love for Fatto a Mano, craftsmanship and exclusivity to the virtual world, breaking down the boundaries between these two realities. 
 Collezione Genesi, in collaboration with the luxury marketplace UNXD and inspired by the wonders of Venice and its artistic and cultural expressions, consists of 9 unique digital works. 

Bianca Balti  -  Jennifer Lopez

Leni Klum  -  Deva Cassel

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