Friday, December 14, 2012


Li Xiaofeng è un artista cinese, crea abiti riciclando pezzi di vetro e porcellana, che assembla utilizzando dei fili d'argento creando così delle armature non proprio facilmente indossabili.
Xiaofeng ha iniziato la sua carriera artistica con i murales, per poi passare alla scultura, utilizza pezzi d'antiquariato come richiamo al passato confezionando abiti e armature che rimandano alla tradizione cinese.
Nel 2010 ha anche collaborato con il marchio Lacoste.
Li Xiaofeng is Chinese artist, using recycling pieces of glass and porcelain and assembling them with silver wire to create unique costumes not really wearable. He began his artistic career as a muralist, but quickly turned his attention to scolpture, celebrating the past through the use of antique pieces and making clothing that recalls tradition such as Chinese costumes and armours.
In 2010 he collaborated with the Lacoste brand.


  1. THIS is so amazing work ! Super interesting !

    Biz Laura Nd

  2. I love that the assembly and pattern to the pieces is reminiscent of armour - yet made of such a fragile material - a great juxtaposition.

    Thanks for sharing -

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