Monday, December 23, 2013


The exhibition is the first and most comprehensive retrospective, by the breadth and completeness of the exhibits, ever devoted to one of the most important contemporary Italian artists, Vettor Pisani (Bari, 1934 – Rome, 2011). The artist gradually emerged as one of the most important representatives and exponents of artistic research in Italy from the 70s on, as well as one of the most personal and visionary authors on the art scene of his generation.
Vettor Pisani liked to relate that he was born in Ischia, the son of a naval officer and a strip-tease dancer. With this artfully rewritten biography, Pisani would present himself not only as one of the witnesses to and the most important exponents of artistic research over the last five decades, but one of the most personal, provocative and visionary authors of his generation, a true pioneer who combined conceptual investigations with irony, masking with the search for truth, history with chronicle, the absolute and the sacred with the profane and the mundane, the art of the past with the lacerations of the present.

behind me "Spirit" by Rebecca Horn- Madre's permanent collection

Museo Madre
via Settembrini 79

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