Thursday, March 13, 2014


They are eight young photographers: Ilaria, Fulvio, Chiara, Giuliana, Cristina, Susy, Luigi and Claudia. Together they did a LAB with Antonio Biasiucci. For almost two years they would meet in Naples, in his studio, located in the historical centre of the city, each with their own research project. They all come from different experiences, but the LAB put them on common ground, it strengthened their feeling and the notion that they come from common origins that, with time, became the catalyst for the birth of a tightly knit group. This way, every single project is raised as a group, through constant contrast and comparison. EPIPHANIES is the name of exhibition.
 The projects have finished and the space in which to present their creations is "La Sala delle Prigioni" in Casel dell'Ovo, Naples.

 How to support this project:

1:1 by Fulvio Ambrosio

18 miles by Chiara Arturo

A familiar gaze by Susy D'Urzo

A private vist by Claudia Mozzillo

Alphabet book by Cristina Cusani

Everywhere by Ilaria Abbiento

Sudari by Luigi Grassi

Zero by Giuliana Calomino

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