Wednesday, October 15, 2014


More alive than ever Mr.Steven Patrick Morrisey, class 1959, reminded to be "the Smith's" ex leader , performed last Monday a sold out concert in Rome, and he replayed last night to the Alantico live, which will keep him busy' for 5 more stops around Italy. An hour and a half show, with an 18 songs performance, mostly focused on his 10th solo album "World peace is none of your business ( Earth Is the Loneliest Planet -The Bullfighter Dies- Kiss me a lot...), which came out just a couple of months ago, after five years from his last studio recorded album, his solos songs ( Everyday Is Like Sunday - Certain people I know..), and some of The Smiths evergreens. The group he created with Johnny marr back in the 1982 , which broke little after , in 1987 (The queen is dead- How soon is now?- Meat is murder- Asleep). For the ones who actually missed him in Rome, he'll be in Milan (Oct 16th), Pescara (19th) Firenze ( 21st) Padova(22nd).

The show start with this song:

…soon more video!

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