Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Since 1865, in Napoli, Tramontano designs and produces bags, luggage and leather goods. The story of the brand Tramontano started in the second half of the last century and is tied to a production both creative and refined.  Creations in natural leather and reptilian skin standing out for the continuous search for ethnic and exotic materials in which the Mediterranean essence is expressed in each detail. The company has developed and evolved becoming a leading brand in the world of quality handicrafts with production of leather and of goods associated with the use of natural hides and hand-made.   Tramontano Arte In 2001, Davide de Blasio, Chairman of Tramontano, started to establish relationships with many international artists who loved the Tramontano’s skills to combine tradition, research, creativity and design. Laurie Anderson, Enzo Cucchi, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Mimmo Paladino, Valerio Adami, Bernard√¨ Roig, Antony and the Johnsons, Lello Esposito, Daniel Canogar, Lou Reed, Doug and Mike Starn, Dionisio Gonzalez. Many collaborations with artists has been produced since then and in 2006, Davide e Rosalba de Blasio decided to give a stable form to this activity and a foundation was born. The Tramontano Arte Foundation, aware of the role that a business reality such as Tramontano can have in supporting the social and cultural development of the territory, works around the creativity process and especially on the link between the traditional handycraft and the contemporary art and design.
                                                                                       photo:Carlo William Rossi-Spaziocentoundici

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