Monday, September 25, 2017


WHITE is the main tradeshow for women’s collections and the leader for international brands scouting. With its four yearly editions during the milanese woman and man fashion week , it represents the launching pad for the success of brands and companies, as well as a reference point for most of the key multibrand and department Stores in the world.

Mijo Milano 

Mijo Milano
Mijo Milano 
Kooreloo is a  brand of unique handbags. It was born out of artist Lila Karagianni's realization that European chic and the Mediterranean tradition invited for an unforced, if not natural, combination. Each creation blends together the idiosyncratic modern personality of the artist with local materials that come directly from the glorious heritage of Greece. Traditional weave, semiprecious stones, luxurious, one-of-a-kind fabrics. These bags are handcrafted with exceptional care and are better described as art objects. But there is more. All kooreloo creations have a secret: when opened, splashes of Mediterranean colors are released. You can almost sense the scents of grapes, cobs and roses.

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