Wednesday, September 20, 2017


The Helena&Kristie brand was born as a onetime experiment, a distraction from the monotony of corporate design life.
Hong and Ko each chose a name using their initials and reflected their designs. Hong chose feminine and artsy Helena; Ko chose the sophisticated Kristie.
Hong studied fashion in Italy and built her resume at brands like Dolce and Gabbana, Ko began as a designer and built her career at Korean brand Esquire, took over business management with her expertise in the domestic market.
Hong and Ko met as designers at Korean shoe brand Esquire, and they decided to design their own collection that matches their style
The Korean-origin duo designers does design, manufacturing, and sales of footwear for women ever since 2007 Spring and Summer collection. Helena and Kristie show the Italian-leveled design and fine sense of shoe manufacturing skills through Korean artisans spirits. Helena and Kristie keep thinking that the typical and sensational Korean-origin women’s shoe brands have to be emerged and stand-out among competitive and rapid-growing Asian fashion markets.

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