Friday, January 5, 2018


Murielle Maalouf  was born in Beirut and she has graduated in May 2017 from Parson School for Design, New York, with a BFA degree in Fashion Design, focused on Womenswear and textiles. ​ Brought up in the Fashion world through her Mother, Gemy Maalouf who herself is a fashion designer, Murielle has developed her own style based on her own perspective and vision. By assisting her Mother in the business, Murielle was exposed to the Fashion industry in her early years through fashion events and exhibitions. ​
Being born and raised in Beirut, where turmoil was always present, she got used to being involved in conflicted topics, and she came to realize that her collections tell a story of self reflection/ collective reflection where the questions tend to be answered throughout the collection.
 Her latest collection Deux à Deux, which represents her thesis and graduating collection, is a reflection on Human relationships, how they start and evolve. It has also been a reflection of the designer's past and current relationships which led the collection to have multi collaborative aspects.

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