Friday, April 13, 2018


Kubrick masterfully synthesized the character of Lolita with the image of the 'nymphet' with lollipops and heart sunglasses. It was 1962, the year in which the film based on the homonymous Nabokov's novel came out. Heart-shaped sunglasses initially became a playful and fun accessory, but in recent years they become real eyewear that many designers proposes in the most varied forms, materials and colors. In 2010 we saw Madonna and Katy Parry wearing the Moschino's heart shaped sunglasses, last year all bloggers were crazy about the Loulou heart sunglasses by Saint Laurent, and this year the Gucci's heart-frame are the most desirable eyewear.

1:Betsey Johnson Heart Sunglasses Lolita $50 - 2:ChloĆ© Sonnenbrille Poppy Heart €329 - 3:Culter&Gross Heart-frame acetate mirrored sunglasses £310 - 4:Saint Laurent Loulou heart sunglasses €305 - 5:Gucci acetate heart sunglasses €400 - 6:Linda Farrow heart frame sunglasses £240 - 7:Kate Spade Rosarias sunglasses £152 - 8:Wildfox heart shaped sunglasses £250 - 9:Miu Miu heart sunglasses €229 - 10:Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow heart sunglasses €128 - 11: Yazbukey for Linda Farrow Red Sunglasses €290 - 12:Moschino heart sunglasses €130


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