Friday, May 25, 2018


Lyudmila Berillo is a russian fashion designer, she graduated from Central Saint Martins College and she founded the brand Milla Berillo in 2011. Lyudmila is following the existential minimalism, the concept where the clothing is considered exceptionally as an unique second skin of everyone. The pieces Milla Berillo embody the unity of inner and external, the oneofakindness, the extreme ergonomics. The brand doesn't multiply its garments and doesn't make the serial production on principle. Every single piece is elaborated by the Russian high-qualified craftsmen who are putting the positive energy on it. The Russian philosophy and the complex pattern making underlining the femininity are the crucial base of the brand. Milla Berillo studio is the space there the pieces are being born, but the finished ones are filling the room by the magic while waiting for their owners. Having entered you can feel this magic and completely lose yourself in the process of creating of living clothing. There is no border between the production and the sale.

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