Thursday, December 20, 2018


Created by Bulgarian designers Demo and Tono, Demobaza was founded in 2008, this futuristic deconstruction clothes and econstructed uniform, the collections are one off and limited edition. They started from S/S12 collection, they always love to make clothes by theirhands, not ordinary construction, with no shape and patterns. Their base is the uniform, built from trashy and bad looking-made elements, the concrete, the forest and the socialistic spirit. Demo concept of a fashion brand that I liked a lot, I like the minimalist design in line with their unique style. The colors they use represent the new and cleansed earth, a post apocalyptic utopian mindset where the natural state is happiness. Primary font is the style of the new, enhanced bio-tech world, and the secondary font depicts the past, the fake they left behind. Finally something new.
 FALL - WINTER 2018/19



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