Monday, June 8, 2020


With these Filorga masks the brand oxygenate, nourish, plump, smooth, and brighten my skin.

1° step:Reoxigenating exfoliating mask. I really love that mask, already during the application I feel my skin reoxigenate. Perlite spheres exfoliate the skin while a proteolic enzyme boosts skin desquamation. When the scrub is completed, the texture trasforms into an active mousse.  Micro-bubble of oxygen are released to enable suffocate skin to breathe.

After rinsing-off the scrub mask I apply the Oxygen glow mask: in 10 minutes this mask boosts radiance instantly of the skin.  It's formulated with the brand's Super-Skin Boosting Factors complex, which combines an energizing oxygen-releaser, a smoothing hyaluronic acid to provide a plumper appearance and clarifying L-enzyme to leave skin looking flawless day after day.
Finally, I choose a sheet mask. White if I want to hydrate and black if I want to regenerate. 
Hydra -Filler mask, the white, an impregnation formula of hyaluronic acid combined with NMFs-Natural Moisturising Factor-saturates the skin with water for an intense hydra-plumping effect and the vitamins of aloe vera for an ultra bright effect.
Time-Filler mask, the black, that give us double smoothing effect- tightening and filling- the impregnation formula with natural-origin collagen and cell booster stimulates skin regeneration.
Both leave them to work for 15 minutes.


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