Tuesday, July 14, 2020


When we are first introduced to Georgina aka Gwyneth Paltrow, she is wearing a green caftan and painting a picture. It's not the last time we see Georgina in an elegant outfit, but in all episodes of series, Gwyneth Paltrow wears wonderful dresses.Costume designer Claire Parkinson illustrates us with Georgina’s look, a character always dressed over-the-top, in an evening gown while she’s gardening, that dripping in expensive jewelry, always dressed inappropriately. Parkinson took inspiration from midcentury society photographer Slim Aarons's coverage of posh Palm Springs, cinematic political satires like "Election" and 1972's "The Candidate" and quintessential fashion houses: "'70s Halston" and "very much Gucci." Paltrow's longtime stylist Elizabeth Saltzman gave an assist with her industry connections to pull current-season pieces from Rodeo Drive-level high-end, design houses where Georgina would probably shop: Tom Ford and loads of Gucci.
Georgina wears a powder-pink and caped power pantsuit by Duro Olowu when she met her lawyers, or when Georgina ventures out of Santa Barbara, she wears a Valentino pre-fall 2018 cape-mini-trench emblazoned with a sketch of a tiger head. Ryan Murphy wanted her really eccentric, over the top, always dressed to the nines, even if she was … gardening or painting by poolside. We really love this opulent style!

long-sleeve and collared gown by Carolina Herrera, a vintage Halston straw hat and custom-built crocheted gloves

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