Tuesday, July 28, 2020


Throughout Western fashion key items of underwear have mutated into outerwear; women's shifts have turned into frills at the neckline before evolving into blouses. Marie Antoniette's chemise dress in Elizabeth Vigée-Lebrun's portrait of c.1783 predates two centuries the baby doll dress of the 1950's and the slip dress of the 1980's and 90's.
 The slip dress is in effect the first garment to have cleared the underwear trend.
Subsequently pyjamas, bras, dressing gowns have alternated as seasonal trends. It’s in the '70s that the slip dress becomes a real dress to wear. In the 90s with the rise of minimalist style the slip dress becomes an absolute trend.
In 1996 Gianni Versace dedicates an entire collection to the slip dress.

Jersey and tulle 90's dress by Gianni Versace

VERSACE S/S 1996 collection


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