Monday, May 27, 2013


“Mrs. Paley had only one fault: She was perfect; otherwise, she was perfect,” the writer Truman Capote once wrote of his dear friend Babe Paley.
 Paley maintained her position on the best-dressed list fourteen times before being inducted into the Fashion Hall of Fame in 1958. She regularly bought entire haute couture collections from major fashion houses like Givenchy and Valentino. Her personal style was inspirational to thousands of women who tried to copy her, but as Bill Blass once observed, "I never saw her not grab anyone's attention, the hair, the makeup, the crispness. You were never conscious of what she was wearing; you noticed Babe and nothing else."

Olivia  Palermo  is an American socialite, model and actress, and above all she 's a fashion icon. She was a cast member of MTV's reality television show The City. 2008. She signed on to Wilhemina Models in 2009, and in March of 2010 debuted her jewelry line. Olivia Palermo launched her personal website, consisting of a blog about her travels and fashion pieces by herself and two other full-time writers.

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