Thursday, December 11, 2014


“It’s a constant dialogue with the observer; what I do is to send a stimulus and respond with a new stimulus based on the response I have received.”-Shepard Fairey.
It is one of the most famous exponents of street art, Fairey grew in South Carolina, he studied art and in 1988 he graduated at the Art Academy. In 1989, create and realizes the initiative André the Giant Has a Posse; fills the walls of the city with stickers depicting the face of the wrestler André the Giant, the same were then replicated by other artists in other cities. Fairey himself explained that there was no particular significance in the choice of the subject, the meaning of the campaign was to produce a media phenomenon and make the citizens reflect on their relationship with the urban environment. But the initiative that gave international exposure to Fairey was the poster Hope that reproduces the stylized face of Barack Obama in CMYK, has become the icon of the campaign that then led the democratic representant to the White House.
Obey-Shepard Fairey exhibition in Naples @ PAN – Palazzo delle Arti Napoli – from December 6th to February 28, 2015.

Obay Zapatista woman -2005

Comandante 1,2,3,4 - 2002

Obama manifest hope - 2008

Vote - 2008

Squier Obey

Obey Marley 2004      -      Obey Strummer 2004

Obey Sid do it your way - 2003

St. Margherita square - 2009

Afrocentric - 2007

Lenin money 2003      -      Nixon money 2003       -       Mao money 2003

The Don 2006    -    Sonny 2006     -    Tom 2006    -    Fredo 2006

Obey Marittima - 2009

Obey St. Mark's square - 2009

 Paul Rodriguez - Danny Way - Colin McKay - PJ Lado - Ryan Gallant - Darrell Stanton  2005

Obey Jim Muir's skate

Skyline 2000

Obey 2005

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