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La Pelanda-Macro-Testaccio-Roma
Sunday, November 30: Closing Party Roma Europa Festival
This is the post for those who lost Digital Life 2014

Musical sculptures, inspired by sound and activated by computers instead of the invention of a musicians.
An exploratory voyage into the relationship between art and technology, through research and the production of art. This journey has demonstrated and still testifies the complexity and wealth of our ever-changing universe in which creative experimentation has to measure itself constantly against technological and scientific innovation.
It is precisely this dynamic interaction between the spectator and the art work which gives life to a new soundscape, creating contemporaneously a more intimate and shared ambience.
The works presented go well beyond the know horizons of research into sound considered as one the expressive languages of digital art. Indeed, now we have complex machines which reinvent the very concept of  the "musical instrument".
This interaction does not merely involve modifying the sound environment in real time; it consists in generating a series of dynamic relations between the exhibition space, the spectator, and the sound to create a dream-like and suggestive atmosphere.
Concrete object, often made from simple materials such as metal, wood or other primary elements like water and light, are transformed through the invention of special software into complex, interactive musical instrument, capable of producing harmonic or discordant sounds.
A Concerto for machines in which presence of the spectator is required, not only as a spectator and beneficiary, but as the actor or better still, the musician to play these hybrid, innovative instruments.

                                               Pietro Pirelli - Gianpietro Grossi- Arpa di Luce
11 green laser rays which follow parallel trajectories for over 25 metres. A Plexiglas plectrum attached to a pendulum hanging from an invisible pivot brushes against the beams of light, generating an infinite and unending melody.
                                             Veaceslav Druta - Balançoire
The music is reproduced by a swing suspended from two large mechanical wheels. The motion of the large wheels sets a series of guitar strings vibration which produce harmonies. It is the swinging movement of the spectator that "plays" this instrument. The pitch depends on the weight of the spectator while the volume varies according to the oscillation's velocity.

Léonore Mercier - Le Damassama
Le Damassama is an amphitheater of Tibetan bells, a sound installation which transforms the spectator into an orchestra conductor. By interacting with a series of sensor, the spectator's gestures make the bells sound and creates a personalized soundtrack.

Cod.Act -André&Michel Décosterd - Cycloid-E
Cycloid-e  is a ubular metal segments pendulum that reproduces sounds through a rotating movement reacting speakers. A real cinematic choreography. Cycloid-e traces a series of sonorous orbits, creating kinetic Cosmic Ballet.

Zahra Poonawala - Tutti
The installation consists of a wall of fixed loudspeakers and each of those reproduce a background noise at different volumes and pitches, a series of mobile speakers which act as "soloists", reacting to spectator's movement.

Heewon Lee - 108
The sound is produced from various carillons and each character corresponds to a musical note. Thus, as words and phrases are formed on the screen, they are accompanied by a singular musical composition.

Alexandre Burton_Artificiel - Impacts
Visitors are invited to approach the sculpture to experiment with the different forms of this visual and sound installation. The proximity of the visitor activates a series of pulsating, luminous energetic bundles of variable intensity generated by the reels' interaction with the rays on the plate of glass, Imacts invites the spectator to reflect on the power and danger of electromagnetic energy.


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