Friday, June 26, 2015


It's not necessary feel the snails moving on your face to make your skin brighter and compact.
 For years, companies like Elicina and Endocare using the snail secretion in their products. And it works!
Some time ago I found in a small organic shop in Trastevere a completely natural serum composed with 80% of pure secretion by Helix Aspersa Muller.
 Pure secretion of Helix Aspersa Muller, is the wake mucosa that the small animal leaves in its path and with which reconstructs its spiral; among the most known and effective natural substances for the care and regeneration of the epidermis, by itself ensures the contribution of an extraordinary cocktail of precious molecules: mucopolisaccardi, allantoin, glycolic acid, peptides, collagen, elastin ecomplex multivitamin ACE; thanks to the mucopolysaccharides, keeps longer proper skin hydration, support the tissues supporting the preservation of the extracellular epidermal turgor, facilitate transdermal delivery deepest principles of the other components, act as a protective barrier against aggressive externa,thanks allantoin, with strong virtues soothing and healing, fights free radicals, stimulates cell renewal and regeneration, increases the speed of healing of minor skin injuries and is essential in slowing down the aging process; thanks to glycolic acid and its peeling effect, allows the removal of dead surface cells, allowing a better oxygenation of the skin and a more efficient penetration of the functional substances, possesses the ability to stimulate the production of endogenous elastin and collagen by fibroblasts performing work essential for the restoration of physiological skin elasticity, and is an astringent, cleansing and smoothing for election, stimulating the skin to regain the natural radiance and firmness and countering the presence of wrinkles, pigment spots,thanks to the peptides, finally, promotes tissue turnover, reinforcing its value purifying and regenerating, and plays a primary role in protecting against the spread of microorganisms that can alter external and damage the health and welfare of the epidermis.

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