Saturday, June 6, 2015


CRAVE by Sarah Kane
with:Gabriele Colferai, Dacia D'Acunto, Gabriele Guerra, Morena Rastelli
Director:Pierpaolo Sepe
Scene/Set Design:Francesco Ghisu
Costume Design:Annapaola Brancia d'Apricena
Light design:Cesare Accetta
Movements:Chiara Orefice
Assistant director:Emma Di Lorenzo
Assistant set designer:Christina Psoni
Production:Casa del Contemporaneo
DATES 6 JUNE (H. 23.00), 7 JUNE (H. 19.30), 8, 9 JUNE (H. 21.00)

For this show, we started from an idea of costumes, as happens most of the time, but during the rehearsals we followed a completely different direction. Initially I was quite concerned about the difficulties of this text, but in the course of work I saw the show becoming more fluid and really exciting when it was finished. This year the program of the Napoli Teatro Festival, in addition to the work in which I took part and I recommend everyone to see, offers really interesting performances.

                                                                                                                                      photo:Pepe Russo


The British author Sarah Kane – who died prematurely in 1999 – wrote five theatrical texts in her short literary career. At first she was accused of being deliberately provocative for the incandescent themes of her works; in reality Kane showed masterful skill in exploring the hidden recesses of pain and desire, of hope and despair. For this edition of the Festival, Pierpaolo Sepe has chosen to stage Crave: «The text has four characters: A, B, C and M. According to what can be read into the title, the text talks of yearning desire and alludes to the fact that what we most desire is indeed the very same thing that leads us to emotional paralysis. Certainly the emotions which are explored are not only unsettling and desolate, but also surreal and humorous. […] Worrying like an overheard confession, Crave is similar to a furtive wandering in the night in a city, where the faces of the persons are unexpectedly lit by the headlights of passing cars, to then sink once again into the dark oblivion of the night».

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