Tuesday, June 2, 2015


May 28 at the Galleria Fonti opened the exhibition "tois-toi accélérationiste!" the third solo exhibition in the gallery by the artist Fabian Marti.The show is composed by new works realized using the photogram technique and some drawings on paper.
Our species has a desperate desire for procreation, it celebrates fertility and yet only a few ask whether it is worth it at all. On this question things are truly black and white:either existence is better than non-existence or it is not. Morose anti-natalism stalks the egg. The oval we steal and eat for sustenance from creatures we recognize as living and yet lesser. Lesser because in our sentence evolution is a line leading to consciousness. Let us recall a false memory:"tois-toi accélérationiste!"It never happened. To stay silent is a challenge of immense proportions for our species. To recede from the desire to leave a trace or a mark. Proof that you were here. Fertile, vital, alive. We persist in a loop of reproduction:there are ever more eggs to be made.
Better to revert to radio silence where at least the cosmos refuses to provide a message. Conserve energy only to become ever emptier. Prepare for transcendental extinction as if it were to occur tomorrow. Refuse the air. To witness in the egg an occurrence, emerging as if from nowhere, and walk amongst what can be built from even the most ruinous state of being. Our world is a menacing in totality: Do not take its strangeness for granted. "tois-toi accélérationiste!" Remind yourself:you are as dead as the eggs.
Dates:May 28 to July 31,2015
Monday to Friday11-14/16-20

Fabian Marti

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