Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Walking from Grossmarket to West Port, up to Bread Street there are not only crowded pubs, but also historical or more recents vintage clothing shops. The historic shop W Armstrong & Son in Grassmarket where coexist different styles and eras exposing period uniforms, gleaming 1920, Victorian dresses, 70's leather jackets; more recent is the Godiva shop in West Port which offers vintage dresses, hats, shoes, glasses and bijoux, here the selection is truly accurate. Still on West Port: Herman Brown offers a well-picked collections of 50s and 60s prom dresses, trenchcoats and leather gloves on one side of the shop, 80s and 90s on the opposite side. Keep walking over West Port you reach Spittal Street, at number 3 there is Aquarius,they have such lovely and unique vintage clothing, jewellery and other vintage objects.

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