Tuesday, September 1, 2020


Do you think it is possible that a niche brand like Giuliva Heritage could collaborate with a fast fashion giant like H&M? Yes, the Swedish giant asked the Neapolitan brand for a small capsule collection. Gerardo Cavaliere and Margherita Cardelli, husband-and-wife duo behind Italian brand, Giuliva Heritage, say that the call from H&M came as something of a surprise, because they are at complete opposite ends of the industry. Known for their timeless, no-fuss approach to tailoring, the couple were asked to collaborate with the Swedish high-street giant on a range of affordable clean-cut pieces. Slow fashion is a key focus for the husband-and-wife duo, whose brand is inspired by traditional Neapolitan menswear tailoring techniques. Entirely manufactured in Italy, the Giuliva Heritage's line celebrates authentic artisanal craftsmanship. Attention to detail is prevalent throughout, with several stages of production made by hand, including fabric cutting and the sewing of buttons, labels, armholes, necklines and flat fell seams. “We started with coats because they were the natural transition from men’s tailoring into women’s.” The new collection offers a total look. “We both love the idea of those perfect pieces that are meant to last a lifetime. The way that our grandparents used to have just a few things, but they were things that lasted, and they wore the right thing to every event…statement pieces in a way. They decided to launch Giuliva Heritage Collection in Paris in February 2017 with a collection of iconic coats—full-length pieces that are feminine interpretations of classic menswear silhouettes. Just three years later, with the launch of the FW2020 collection in Paris, the first prêt-à-porter men’s collection was launched, enlarging Giuliva’s reach and scope. They launched a small collection of six pieces and the brand has since grown exponentially, and is now stocked at Matchesfashion.com, Net-a-Porter and Selfridges and in many stores around the world. Giuliva Heritage x H&M will be available from 3 September. Neapolitan pride!
Here are some images of the Giuliva Heritage's style.

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