Friday, February 20, 2015


During the fashion week in Rome I finally took the opportunity to go to see the exhibition "Bellissima Italy and High Fashion 1945-1968" at the museum Maxxi.
 From the spectacular creations that lit up the grand balls and foyers of the theaters, accompanied by the glittering expressions of the finest jewelry, to the restrained elegance of the cocktail dresses; from the rigorous black and white graphic look, to the chromatic explosion so typical of the 1960s; from the inventions made for the actresses of the so-called Hollywood on the Tiber, to the results of the sophisticated formal research that was the fruit of the intense collaboration between couturiers and artists.
 There are a few dresses on display, and especially do not understand how they were chosen, only a few are really beautiful. But most of all I wish it close to clothes there was also a photographic record of those who had worn and in that occasion (e.g. a picture of Jackie Kennedy visit Cambodia in '68 with the green one-shoulder gown by Valentino).
Museo Maxxi Rome until May 3, 2015

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