Monday, February 9, 2015


Friday three rooms of the gallery Giacomo Guidi inaugurated three different exhibitions.
 In the main room displays works of Per Barclay:2 large format photograph and a huge tub full of oil, the artist creates a reflecting surface which modifies and alters the installations, making them inaccessible and unreachable.
 Per Barclay was born in 1955 in Oslo. He studied Art History at the Bergen University, where he first came across Norwegian artists. In 1979, his desire to engage in new artistic references brought him to Italy where he carried on his studies. He studied design and photography in Florence, where he got acquainted with the Italian artistic heritage, and studied Fine Arts at the Bologna and Rome Academies. In 1983, he started his career as an artist in Rome: he began working with wood, painting, photography and later started using steel and glass as structural elements and liquids as pictorial elements. In 1989, after a short stay in Naples he moved to Turin and subsequently to Paris, where he currently lives and works.

In another room: Obiecta, on display works by Massimiliano Gatti, Leonardo Genovese, Bohnchang Koo, Ingar Krauss, Laura Letinsky, Marco Palmieri, Sergio Scabar and Franco Vimercati. Obiecta, is a collective that presents a reflection on the artist's eye through the photographic language,objects, are the protagonists of this reflection.
Along the corridor are exposed the project Found Photos in Detroit, a documentary about Detroit, in order to document the state of decay in which pours the city after the socio-economic crisis that hit the mid-seventies.
 In one last small room the Alchemy's esoteric atmosphere through the Eduardo Dionea Cicconi's works.

Eduardo Dionea Cicconi

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