Friday, February 6, 2015


Room 209:
 During Altaroma, many new designers have had the opportunity to present their work at the Rome Marriott Grand Hotel Flora inside Room Service project curated by Simonetta Gianfelici. So the 15 rooms of the Rome Marriott Grand Hotel Flora become in small atelier to meet the designers and view the collections.
 In the 4th room I entered was exposed Nadiamari's collection.
Nadia Mari after fashion designer degree, start to work as fashion designer for many luxury brands. In 2008 Nadia Mari started to produce and sell some “wearing accessories” on her own. Using silk and precious materials, she created a small collection that was distributed only in selected shops around Italy. Each product is made through a mix of different materials and different prints that assembled together , they create a new and unique fabric. One of a kind pieces are made of vintage materials, all made in Italy with a special accent on high quality in production. In 2015 opened his first atelier in Rome in via Felice Cavallotti 18.

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