Monday, May 25, 2015


The delicate eye area can really suffer if I sleep less than 8 hours or if I stay too long at the computer. I find myself with puffy eyes and dark circles. To run for cover I alternate various solutions, it depends on the time I have available. I tried and tested a range of masks.
 If I don't have much time, while I dress I put a eye pads for 15 minutes under my eyes:
1-Great Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle resist24, a set of concentrated eye treatment sheets that instantly restore vibrancy and moisture to the eye area. These eye masks work to dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the eye area, while brightening and minimizing dark circles, they plump the skin with hydration and refine texture for softer, smoother, healthier-looking skin. (12 Packettes €50,00)
2-All natural Planter's Eye Mask Lifting Treatment with Aloe Vera is innovative adhesive, semi-solid hydrogel system, thanks to osmosis, tones the skin through the release of active ingredients, it provides a fresh look with renewed radiance. It has a tightening effect on expression lines. (1 Packett €5,00)
3-If I have a bit 'of time to relax, always in my fridge there is  Eye Priority mask by Christian Breton, this rich, luxurious formula helps replenish the natural moisture barrier, so skin is better protected against outside irritations. Other incredible skin- pampering ingredients like Aloe Extract and Vitamin E help skin feel smooth, soothed, wonderfully refreshed. (€46.00)
4-Unique eye mask Dr. KleÄ“in is an eye mask gel with moisturizing and antioxidant effect. The peptide-based treatment help to reduce puffiness. The mask maintains the eye's area flexibility and firmness. Rich in bioflavonoids. No need to rinse, so I keep it all night. (€98.00)
5-If I can lie down for a bit 'on the bed and rest my eyes, I take from the fridge Nevo dead Sea SPA Cooling Eye Mask. Temperature therapy is an effective way to improve the appearance of the delicate skin around the eyes. Fifteen minutes of use immediately revitalizes the skin and improves dark circles and puffiness. (€10.00)
6-Also from the fridge, Cooling eye pillow lavander by Aromahome, the satin eye masks are filled with lavender seeds to sooth tired eyes as a natural compress providing a gentle weight to help muscles relax. The natural lavender scent acts as an inhaler to clear the mind and aid relaxation from within. (£9.99)
Clockwise from top left:
Cooling eye pillow lavander by Aromahome, Unique eye mask Dr.Kleen, Planter's eye mask treatment, Nevo dead sea SPA cooling eye mask, Eye priority mask by Christian Breton, Shiseido Benefiance wrinkle resist 24

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