Friday, May 8, 2015


I started the week telling about a current exhibition at the Museo Madre in Naples (, and I want to conclude this week telling you about another exhibition opened a week ago on the third floor of the Madre Museum. (I suggest to anyone who is in town to go visit this Museum because located in the historic Palazzo Donnaregina, in typical "quartieri" of Naples, and in addition to hosting the permanent works of artists such as Francesco Clemente, Sol LeWitt, Jannis Kounellis, Giulio Paolini, Richard Serra, Jeff Koons, Richard Long, Rebecca Horn, Domenico Paladino, Domenico Bianchi, the exhibitions are always very interesting.
 The title of the exhibition on display is Sturtevant Sturtevant.
 Sturtevant Sturtevant is the first solo exhibition in an Italian public institution devoted to Sturtevant (1924-2014), one of the XX century’s most influential artists. Beginning with its title, in which the artist’s name is repeated twice, the exhibition, has been constructed around the concept and practice of repetition, understood as a collective device in which the uniqueness of the subject is merged with other possible personalities. In her repetitions of works by other artists, she pioneered, over the last fifty years possible ways of overcoming the jurisdiction of copyright, the idea of intellectual property and the supposed uniqueness of the creator subject. Sturtevant began to “repeat” the works of some of the most iconic artists who were her contemporaries. They are therefore never copies but so many originals, being thought in action which focuses on a field of experience in art whose essence she comes to analyze, destabilizing its order of representation and designation.
The exhibition at the Madre also devotes great attention to the video production of the last fifteen years, presenting all the major video and filmic works by the artist.

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