Monday, May 4, 2015


The Madre museum presents the first of the projects that in 2015 will be specially commissioned from the French artist Daniel Buren to celebrate the relationship between the museum and its public, between the institution and its community.
Daniel Buren’s project for the Madre is structured as a number of interrelated chapters: from April to August 2015 the artist will intervene in the Re_PUBBLICA Madre gallery with the major in situ installation entitled Come un gioco da bambini. With this first intervention Buren welcomes visitors to the large gallery on the ground floor of the museum, converted into a play area with a veritable game of life-size constructions, or a kindergarten on the scale of the environment, made by assembling some one hundred modules of geometric forms and colors inspired by the solids of the German pedagogue Friedrich Wilhelm August Fröbel.
On entering the installation, visitors find themselves faced with a potential reality, which enables them to rebuild the world around them with a renewed sense of wonder and childlike amazement. Visitors are able to walk inside a city made up of hypnotic circles, colored arches, cylindrical towers, square bases and triangular pediments arranged symmetrically as if they were part of the museum architecture, finally endowing it with its hypothetical and alternative reconstructive potential. What the observer sees is in fact a composite landscape, the reproduction of a true miniature city that relates the real city with an imaginative city that arises before our eyes:an almost metaphysical city that is gradually articulated as a stroll through color leading from the initial pure white to the following chromatic kaleidoscope, and which one can traverse with the eye following a rhythmical and vertiginous perspective.

DANIEL BUREN. COME UN GIOCO DA BAMBINI, LAVORO IN SITU, 2014-2015, MADRE, NAPOLI - #1 curated by: Andrea Viliani, Eugenio Viola
in collaboration with: Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain, Strasburgo
25.04 - 31.08.15   Madre Museum - Via Settembrini 79, Naples

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