Thursday, February 11, 2016


Ellen Christine studied design school in Boston where she rans the costume department at Strutters, now Bobby’s from Boston. Back then, Bobby had just bought an estate that included hundreds of hats, still in their boxes, never worn. The darlings were crushed by time and gravity, and the restoration became her first major millinery project.
Moving to New York in the 1980’s, still making hats, she pursuedes a Masters and Doctorate in costume history at New York University. One of her favorite projects during those years was working in the studio of theatrical costume-maker Barbara Matera with the crew on Beauty and the Beast. From that groundwork came a little shop in Chelsea called Ellen Christine Millinery, where for 16 years, her jewelbox of a store provided stylists, editors and customers.
Ellen Christine ha studiato  design a Boston dove ha seguito il reparto costumi a Strutters, ora Bobby da Boston. Allora, Bobby aveva appena comprato una tenuta che comprendeva centinaia di cappelli, ancora nelle loro scatole, mai indossati. Questi tesori erano schiacciati dal tempo e dalla forza di gravità, e il restauro è diventato il suo primo grande progetto di modisteria. Trasferitasi a New York nel 1980, continua a fare cappelli, prende un Master e un  Dottorato in storia del costume alla New York University. In quegli anni  lavora nello studio teatrale della costumista Barbara Matera con la crew della bella e la bestia. Da lì nasce il suo piccolo negozio a Chelsea chiamato Ellen Christine Millinery, dove da 16 anni, fornisce stilisti, editori e clienti.

99 Vandam Street, New York City

Left:jute and buckram hat - Right: Feather head piece in tones of orange and peacock

Left: patent leather flower  nounted petal by petal, accented with green pieces leaves  - Right:top hat made of sewn straw milan braid,  trimmed  with silk flowers handmade 
  Left: Tweed cashmere hood and hat trimmed with a ranch mink trim - Right: Grey tweed cashmere hood and hat trimmed with a fox and mink

Left:Black Swakara Fedora trimmed with a Patent Leather Belt - Right:Mahogany Mink closhe trimmed with a patent leather belt.
Left: Dyed sheared mink "Aqua" headband trimmed with a long hair mink trim - Right: simple dish covered with a gold rectangular sequins base and trimmed with a veil


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