Monday, August 21, 2017


For a different night, you must go to Las Dalias Hippy Market: every Saturday all year long, in Sant Carles de Peralta-Ibiza, and during the summer you can catch the Las Dalias Night Market every Monday evening.
 With its hundreds of colourful stalls, characters and live performances, here you can find from the simplest things as fine-haired Kafkian,  classic total-white clothing, hats, necklaces, shells, Ibiza salt, cowboy boots, someone reads the hand, who does the henna, someone else makes ayurvedic massages and you can listen some good live concert. (Amazing the carousel built with recycled materials).
 Las Dalias is not only a place to get a drink, to shop, to eat and to dance. Here you can find the traditional bohemian spirit of Ibiza well preserved despite there are a lot of tourists.
The fashion of Las Dalias comes from the soul, the spirit and the passion for creativity of each of the market's designers and artisans.

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