Friday, March 15, 2013


Katarzyna Konieczka  is a costume maker and avant garde fashion designer.
Her creations are mainly to be viewed on a stage or a catwalk. The costumes are not for everyday use. Each costume has been created as a one off.
In most cases she re- uses the purchased fabric by processing or dying them, she never uses fabric straight from the shop. The main motifs in her designs are asymmetry, destruction, dramatism, macabre. All costumes have been hand made by  herself.

Katarzyna Konieczka è una costumista e fashion designer. Le sue creazioni artistiche, quasi teatrali, non sono certo adatte alla vita di ogni giorno.Ogni abito è un pezzo unico, creato a mano usando materiali reciclati, tagli asimmetrici, linee destrutturate con ispirazioni a volte macabre, quasi drammatiche.


  1. These are definitely some of the most... interesting corsets I've ever seen. Haha. But I suppose that's what art is all about ;)

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