Monday, October 7, 2013


Henry Clarke was born in Los Angeles in 1918, the renowned fashion photographer, discovered his calling in 1945 whilst working as an accessorist at Condé Nast in New York. During an encounter with the great Cecil Beaton during a photography session at Vogue's studio, Clarke was entranced by the photographic image. Clarke moved to Paris in 1949. The next year he began a fruitful collaboration with the French, English and American editions of Vogue that would last more than a quarter-century. With the help of Diana Vreeland Clarke captured the elegance of the modern woman.

 Henry Clarke è nato a Los Angeles nel 1918, trasferitosi a New York diventa assistente di Cecil Beaton. Dal '49 comincia a lavorare a Parigi con un contratto in esclusiva per Vogue. Dagli anni '50 fino alla fine degli anni '80 lavora per tutte le riviste più prestigiose. Attraverso le sue foto ci illustra un ritorno all'eleganza dal dopoguerra fino agli anni '60, in questi anni incoraggiato da Diana Vreeland, ci mostra invece l'emergere della donna moderna.

Vogue 1952


Madame Gres 1954

Dior 1956

Vogue 1966


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