Monday, October 14, 2013


Saturday October 12th was start the Simon Keenleyside's exhibition "Back to the word", to Blindarte in Naples. The show will be open every weekday until November 8th and from December 2th to January 10th 2014.
Simon Keenleyside was born in Essex in England, over the years, he has become known for a style of painting that draws its inspirations in equal part from the tradition of English landscape painting and modern abstraction.  Keenleyside has been celebrated for his masterful ability to manipulate perspective and depth of field in a very personal and always recognizable way. Although references to landscape prevail in his work, more recently the British artist has moved away from representing physical space and has placed a greater emphasis on the evocation of mental states, desires and anxieties that accompany him during his travels in the region.

Simon Keenleyside, me and the gallerist Memmo Grilli 

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