Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Z Generation has been defined Gendar Fluid.
Clothing became increasingly unisex as men and women shopped at the same boutiques for similar items. By the 1970s, the gender lines were smudged. Whether it was David Bowie, Marc Bolan, or Brian Eno, the androgynous fashions of those icons helped shape a sexual liberation that is still relevant today.
One of the points of Manifesto by the London based label Bee's Sneeze is:
-Evaporate Gender Roles Lose yourself in order to free yourself. Embrace sexual androgyny and ambiguity and discard any notion of what you are expected to be.
But another point said:
-Treasure the Past Be nostalgic in order to move forward. Never be afraid to mesh the styles that turn you on; from fashion, visual art and music. Constantly seek out new ideas, influences and inspiration. Knowledge expands the mind.
So...The 1960s were a combination of unusual figures and icons, it was chaos and disorder. Their astonishingly original and effortless way of dressing has transcended generations. They used their clothes to promote themselves, creating an image. Suddenly men became more ostentatious than women and it became acceptable for them to care about how they dressed.
The collection mixing wools, velvets, faux furs, shimmery jerseys, glittery fabrics and silks with eye catching prints and sophisticated textures that create timeless one off pieces.
All ethically made in London, and crafted from the finest authentic vintage fabrics.

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