Monday, August 1, 2016


I've just got back from Stromboli and I thought that I never wrote about my holidays in Stromboli although I went  in this island several times, maybe it's my favorite Eolian island.
Below a bit 'of photos with some indications on the places not to be missed. This time I did not climb the volcano but it is a must do at least once in life.

My favorite beaches are in Piscità (Scalo Balordi, Grotta di Eolo, Spiaggia lunga) black-sand beach lies 2km west of Stromboli's port. The most beautiful beach maybe is Forgia Vecchia, it is situated about 300 meters south of Scari pier. It's a long sandy beach and pebbles blacks that stretches along a small bay of calm and transparent water to the slopes of the volcano

Sea-break with fantastic  smoothies at garden of Pardes (this wine bar/cafe dishes up small but delicious serves of homemade soup, pasta..)
The book-shop with children corner, here in the evening there is also a good programming of movies
view from the square, on the left: bar "da Ingrid" - historical bar/restaurant in the main square of the country that has a large terrace with views of Strombolicchio.

Locanda Barbablù for happy hour, to try with the cocktail a kind of chips made with lentil flour

Lapillo Gelato: best ice-cream and slush- try gelso/more flavor

Ginostra- to reach this wonderful place and have a drink in the square to watch a stunning sunset, you can book a boat from Pippo down the harbor or at Ficogrande beach

Sciara del fuoco: if you're lucky on the way which takes you to Ginostra to Stromboli you can watch the lava from the volcano down to the sea

Il Gabbiano: best place to sleep, it was an old nightclub, in front of Ficogrande beach 

Must try: rice balls with pistachios!
Best restourants: La Stella in Ginostra(amazing and romantic atmosphere); in Stromboli:Punta Lena, Trattoria dei Gechi, Il Canneto, l'Osservatorio (here do not eat really well, but for the particular position you can  watch the volcano explosion). The best pizza you eat to Da Giovanni and close Giovanni there is Nonna Antonia (pastas, every kind of rice-balls and salads to take away).
if you want to continue your evening after dinner, you can go to the disco-bar La Tartana in Ficogrande

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